Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recovery Nearly over...

My week of recovery after CA 70.3 is nearly over. I really needed the time off; my legs were in really bad shape after the triathlon. Starting Saturday I’m going to start training for Vineman 70.3 which is July 19th. Vineman is supposed to be extremely difficult because of the hill climbing and the extreme temperatures. My only saving grace is I live in Santee. Santee can get up to 112 degrees in the summer and I love riding in the heat. Training in high temperature as well as climbing the hills of Santee and East County should help me on the bike for the Tri. I’m going to step up my Swim training and increase my run miles. I have a half marathon in Santa Ynez, near Santa Barbara in May. Hopefully that race will help me gauge my weaknesses as far as the run is concerned. As I said in a previous blog my running has suffered due to injury but has always been my strongest in the past. I’ll keep track of my progress as I train and hopefully I’ll get faster over the next three months.

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