Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been awhile and I'm missing my mojo...

Since completing Vineman 70.3 I've rested, started riding like a mad woman, and start training for my first marathon.
Before Vineman I told all my friends and family I was going to retire from the sport of triathlon. Training takes up too much time, time I could be spending with my kids or on other activities. After Vineman I started to reconsider my retirement plans. I don't know, deep down inside I love the training aspects of triathlon but when I put toe to line I question myself...why am I doing this? That's not the question I'm asking in today's blog but I do need to know where my mojo went? Lately during my runs I just can't find it within myself to continue. Most days I stop mid stream, walking and making excuses for doing so. There's nothing wrong with me, yes I'm tired but not enough to stop running and start walking. Yes my knees hurt but not enough to stop and baby them. I can't find my mojo; I don't know where I left it or it left me. I didn't have it during Vineman; it jumped ship way before that and I didn't have it during CA 70.3 it was gone then too. What's up...I need it to come back, RnR Las Vegas is coming and the only mojo I have is from others. If it wasn't for my fabulous friends there's no way I would don the running or trail shoes, no way. IM St. George is 8 months away, when I signed up I had 13 months...where did that time go? Mojo come back, I need you! I have to find my mojo in time to train for that ridiculously hard IM race. Come on mojo, come on back home.


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this right after you posted it. Your transparency was refreshing! It was as if I read my own thoughts. I really can't add anything except I need my mojo back too!!!

  2. Training officially started Nov. 16th, My mojo hasn't come back but fear has. IM St. George is going to be hard and if my mojo don't come back...well I don't know what I'm going to do.